Vantage Systems AG is a Swiss based organization that specializes in Software Asset Management (SAM) Consulting in Switzerland, South Africa, Germany and Austria, among others.

Vantage Systems specializes in assisting companies around the globe leverage their Software investments to their advantage, hence the name “Vantage Systems”. Mr Kroker was utilizing the foundations of Software Asset Planning methodology long before it became a buzz word. His ideology is that no organisation should be held hostage to continual software investment without return. To this end, we ensure that not only do we assist your company become proficient in the fine art of effective SAM practice, but we focus on Licence Optimization, thereby ensuring that there is no licence wastage or wasted investment due to incorrect hardware platforms or deployments.

In short the focus of our practice is to ensure that your organisation benefit as much as possible financially from the introduction of proper Software Asset Management Practices.

Rest assured that your SAM process will be handled by fully certified and qualified SAM Practitioners.