SAM Optimisation Model

Evaluating Your Plan

Manage the life cycle of your software assets with vision, policies, procedures, and tools.

The SAM Optimization Model (SOM) is a framework developed by Microsoft that is aligned with Infrastructure Optimization (IO). It enables partners and customers to evaluate SAM effectively and objectively. Using this model, your organization can conduct a SAM evaluation to determine how effectively you are managing your software assets. SAM Competency Partners can offer guidance and create a roadmap to visualize the benefits and savings at each stage of SAM optimization.

Moving Toward Dynamic IT

The SAM Optimization Model provides an established set of criteria to help you make consistent SAM assessments and recommendations. The analysis is based on 10 key competencies, and each competency is assessed at one of four different maturity levels. The levels of SAM maturity are the same as those of the IO framework:

SAM Optimization Model

When you know your current level of optimization, you can work to transition from one stage of maturity to the next. The model provides a framework to help you understand where you are and what you need to do to improve the state of your software asset management.

Using the SAM Optimization Model as a roadmap can ultimately help your business realize the full value of its software and IT investments, control costs, and facilitate innovation and growth in size and/or maturity.